Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Approach

Transparent tracking from depot to Delivery

We commit to consignments only once we can guarantee delivery

Next, we optimise journeys by calculating fastest routes and onward consignments​

Tracking devices in the cargo enable constant tracking

Our CRM provides a bespoke interface for cargo owners and transporters to manage multiple consignments​

Customer interface alerts in event of serious delays show the solution in hand – e.g. breakdown vehicle, replacement truck, rerouting​

Twice daily calls to drivers back up online monitoring​

Get on Board

  • Transport
  • Goods Producers
  • Investors
  • Bank & Financial Institutions
Now is the time to own and grow your fleet. Our transporters need never look for consignments, allowing a clearer focus on the important things: journeys and drivers. Coordinating with our sister company, Japtini Asset Finance, we work with our transport partners to purchase and maintain trucks, and ensure optimal utilisation through efficient management of consignments and swift payment for deliveries.