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Boring is our mission

  • The Problem
  • Our Solutions
Drivers going rogue, ambushed cargoes, jackknifed trucks – the hallmarks of logistics in Africa are all too familiar to goods producers.
Worse, customers are mostly charged for the privilege. Truck operators tend to demand anywhere between 30% and 100% of their delivery fee within a couple of hours of loading.
With no way of tracking progress, cargo owners can only hope and pray their consignment reaches its destination, with few transporters providing any form of receipt or waybills.
Why Africa’s leading producers choose Japtini Logistics
Goods producers know their cargoes are safe in our hands. In past two years, thefts have become rampant as Covid has disrupted supply chains and provided opportunities for drivers seeking a quick buck from their cargo. Such thefts occur when drivers are onboarded without proper checks. At Japtini, we undertake full due diligence on all transporters and require guarantors in case of incident. Comprehensive insurance cover guarantees complete protection for our customers.
Our payment systems work in favour of both goods producers and transporters. ​We pay transporters at the outset of their journey to ensure smooth passage. Yet, we invoice goods producers only once their consignment has been successfully delivered, with proof through waybills. How do we do this? First, we have full confidence in our trusted drivers delivering on time. Second, as a capital intensive business, we have partnered with financial institutions and utilise credit facilities as needed.


Here's how it

Before Journey

  • I need to deliver 100 tons of soybeans

  • Japtini Logistics sources closest suitable trucks and prices the consignment

  • Soybean producer compares against its own fleet capacity & costs

  • Confirms order online

Journey Confirmed

  • Within 24 hours Japtini assigns verified truck drivers

  • Truck is loaded

  • Journey is tracked

Delivery & Payment

  • Delivery is tracked

  • Waybills sent

  • Invoice sent for payment

  • Truck is assigned onwards consignment